QCITYZENS - Ava Jensen

SATURDAY, MAY 11, 2019 - Ava Jensen has been a staple in the Queen City FC girls program since she was a U10 player.  As one of the original girls players from the Lake Champlain Islands, she has helped bring a large contingent of players to the club.  As she has gotten older, her skills and tenacity have developed exponentially.  "Ava has been with our club for a while now and I have had the privilege to coach her for each year during this time.  I’ve seen her grow into a wonderful soccer player and incredible person. She has a determined, competitive spirit that drives her to push herself and I look forward to seeing her continue to flourish!" explained the 05/06 Girls Coach Aubrey Ouellet.

In her time at Queen City FC, Ava credits her love of soccer to friendships made and the atmosphere.  "It feels like a family at QC, and I have known most of the girls on my team (and Aubrey) for the entire time I've played for the club, almost 6 years."  Coming to the club from the islands, she has been able to develop meaningful relationships with athletes from other towns who will be possible high school classmates.  The team camaraderie on the field is evident with the positive attitude Ava and her teammates display win or lose.  Unmistakably, Ava is very competitive and shows great hustle and heart, which is no surprise based on her favorite professional player.  "Abby Wambach is my favorite because she's an amazing soccer player and teammate, while also advocating for women's/girls' empowerment."

Her tireless workrate on the field yields itseld in other endeavors that are equally impressive.  She is a three sport athlete (soccer, skiing, lacrosse) in addition to being involved in drama and the band as a french horn player.  Recently, she was in the Folsom School performance of Shrek.  Of all these activities and pursuits, Ava is most proud of her ability to ski.  "It's a place where I don't have to think about anything that's bothering me (on the ski mountain).  I started skiing when I was 3 and it is something that I have been able to do almost my entire life.  It is a big part of my family's life in the winter and it allows me to also enjoy the sport with friends," Ava remarked.

Like her mother, she also gives back to the sport that she loves.  When Ava joined the club, her mom was instrumental in helping organize the original U-10 team as she was a girls coach at the Folsom School.  Seeing this positive affect on the community, Ava helps to co-coach/volunteer in the Islands town youth rec-soccer program.  Thank you for being such a great #QCityzen!








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