QCITYZENS - Ethan Revoir

THURSDAY, JUNE 6, 2019 - Ethan Revoir is a great example of what a player can do when they are confident and comfortable in their surroundings.  At first glance, Ethan exudes a shy and quiet appearance, but underneath is a fierce and bold competitor.  When he began with the club last winter during the Futsal season, Ethan was embarking on a new soccer journey taking part in Queen City for the first time.  Experiencing something new can be daunting and at the beginning Ethan was a bit reserved.  It did not take long before Ethan's confidence grew and his tenacity and skillset shined.  "In the second session of Futsal during Ethan's first year with us I saw a different player after his first 7 weeks.  He really blossomed.  He stayed positive no matter what the score was, as we focused on setting short term goals to acheive.  When accomplishing these little success like assisting/scoring a goal, or making a key defensive stop, you could see him become more confident each and every game.  With that confidence came an a willingness to take risks on the field which has made him a special player.  It was very cool to see that evolution." said his former Futsal coach.

Now in his second season, Ethan has been able to build on that confidence and continues to grow as a player.  He attributes this comfort from the atmosphere of his team and the friendliness of the coaching staff.  His favorite soccer player is Lionel Messi, which is a great model for him to emulate as both players share an acumen for technical ability in their respective leagues. “Ethan is an intelligent player with great vision and skill. He’s able to solve tactical problems with technical solutions," remarked Mark Sienko, the coach of the 07/08 Boys.  "Additionally, he is a great student of the game as he can often be seen cheering on his little sister (a member of the 09/10 girls) at her games and critiquing the play.  He really reads the game well."

Off the soccer pitch, you can find Ethan involved in other sports such as basketball.  He enjoys having the ability to compete and excel at both sports as each provides different challenges.    Thank you for being such a great QCityzen Ethan!








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