About Us

Queen City Football Club  - Mission - To provide an environment where soccer players can learn the game, improve their skills, compete at a high level, and enjoy a complete club experience for an affordable price


Advantages to QCFC

- Cost per player is affordable

- We offer a fun, but competitive environment.

- We offer winter trainings in a state of the art indoor facility.

- Our senior coaches have high school/college playing experience, plus high school/college coaching experience.

- We offer competition levels from D3 all the way to D1.

- We are driven by our clear mission to help every player improve their skills, technique, team play, and love of the game at an affordable price.

- We offer the chance to play in a competitive environment with other players from your school, and surrounding schools.

- We offer team building activities such as out of state tournaments, laser tag, go cart racing, etc.

- Caring coaches and parents that put players first


Board of Directors:

Club Founder/President – Shane Bufano

Director of Coaching – Shane Bufano

Director of Girls Soccer – Christopher George

Director of Boys Soccer – Terry Wetmore

Director of Communications – Matthew Moore

Board Member at Large - David Martin










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