06/07 Girls (U13 Girls)



Our club philosophy beginning at U13 (2006/07 Girls) asks for an additional level of committment than our younger age groups.  Those interested in play at this level with Queen City FC should be more committed to soccer and have the ability to compete at a level with a general knowledge of the game and preferably have had prior technical skill training.  

While we remain committed to our mission of being a flexible club that is affordable for families and is accepting of the multi-sport athlete, our expectation is that communication of absences is essential.  

Our training sessions are 90 minutes for this age group and are consistent with the four stage curriculum as laid out by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).  


The Queen City ADK Girls will not participate in league play and will play in various tournaments throughout the Northeast.  For a complete list of tournaments attended for the spring, check out the schedules tab.

GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR LEAGUE PLAY - 2006/07 Girls Play "U14" requiring them to play in a "U13/14" mixed age league:

  • U14 (11 v 11 including goalies)
  • U14 games are 35 minute halves 
  • U14 games use goal sizes 8x24(ft)
  • U14 players use size "5" soccer balls
  • General U14 Field Size is = 120yds(L)x80yds(W)