QCITYZENS - Henry Polifka-Rivas

QCITYZENS - Henry Polifka-Rivas

WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, 2019 - Henry Polifka-Rivas may only be a U-11, however he has been a dedicated player in the club for almost 5 years.  Henry came to the club as a U-7 player.  During his first few years, Queen City was still building programming at the younger ages.  As the club was growing, Henry had to play up a couple of years with older and bigger players as QCFC could only offer mixed age groups.  Despite this, Henry held his own on the field and excelled. With a numbers increase in the clubs younger age groups, Henry is now able to play with teammates his own age. "I'm so happy to have Henry part of the club as I've watched him grow since his time on the U-8 team.  He has been a steady participant who always comes to field with a great attitude no matter what curveballs may be thrown his way," said Club President Shane Bufano, who has coached Henry during his career at Queen City FC.

Henry is also a shining example of a player who always comes to practice with a positive attitude and smile on his face while exhibiting a strong work ethic.  His willingness to remain positive to learn and grow is a great example of what can be achieved when you are willing to challenge yourself and learn and perservere through losses.  "Henry has great technical ability, which is enhanced by his diligent work rate in training and games.  I'm excited to see him progress," added his coach Mark Sienko of the 05/06 Boys.  

Off the soccer field, Henry has a diverse array of interests from school to video games as well as a second sport of basketball.  "My favorite part about playing club soccer is that it is fun.  I also have the ability to do other things which is nice," remarked Henry on his time at Queen City.  The balance of other activities is a key contributor for our longest tenured active U-12 player at Queen City.  Without balance, the risk of sport burnout is statistically more prevelent in young players nationally.  We have been blessed as a staff to watch you progress Henry, thank you for being such a great QCityzen!










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